Redmi Note 3 issues how to fix

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is still a wonderful smartphone although it was launched in. But this phone still has some not-perfect features. Don’t worry, we’ll show you Redmi Note 3 issues and how to fix them. 

Xiaomi Redmi note 3 issues and how to fix

Redmi Note 3 issues

First up, like other Xiaomi phone, Xiaomi Note 3 meet overheating issues. Why, as you see, Xiaomi Redmi Note is covered by all metallic unibody. And metal is a conductor of heat. Besides, the SnapDragon 650 chipset under the hood of the phone is not an efficient chipset in the world. This processor generates more heat as well. Secondly, Redmi Note 3 can’t be able to get out of ” Child Mode”. The Child Mode is a useful mode that limits the usage of Redmi Note 3. That is an important feature when the device is in the hand of children.

Thirdly, Remi Note 3 is not getting connected to any WiFi network. This phone receives  an OTA update to fix the performance, but that make Redmi Note 3 got Wifi disconnected frequently. The problem just comes from the software problem. The fourth issue is about SMS messages when many Redmi Note 3 users report that they lost their messages.

Xiaomi Redmi note 3 issues and how to fix

Last, users got a problem when using GPS on Google Maps. This is not a common issue but. From customer’s review, Google Maps keeps them waiting and not showing them the location. But this is not a significant issue because it just happens on Chinese variant.

Redmi Note 3 issues: How to fix?

Now, let’s see how to fix some of Redmi Note 3 issues. With the GPS issue, you need to access to the Security app and check the statement of GPS permission. Then, you could use the Google Maps app easily. If GPS sill doesn’t work, you need to wait for Xiaomi to fix. For the Wifi connection issue, don’t worry, the problem will be fixed if you update the software. So, that is all of Redmi Note 3 issues and how to fix them. We hope that they can help you to solve all problems on this Xiaomi phone.