Phone battery life: Three most common misconceptions!

There have always been advices or tips about how to save phone battery life! However, some of them may be no longer correct nowadays! Let’s consider the three below!

phone battery life

Phone battery life: The “out-of-date” tips

The first misconception about phone battery life is: you have to charge the phone when the battery is only 20% left or lower, because too many charging times will decrease the battery capacity. This is not true with the new lithium-ion battery used in most current smartphones! While it is correct that smartphone batteries get worse after long time use, the capacity decrease doesn’t depend on the times of charging. Instead, it depends on the charging cycle, and that cycle can be divided into shorter non-continuous charging times. So, charge your phone whenever you want!

The second out-of-date tip is that: charging your phone overnight may lead to the decrease in phone battery life or even cause explosion! Again, this is something not correct anymore! Andrew Goldberg – an iFixit technical writer has shared that smartphones nowadays are “wise” enough to not encounter such issue. Over-charging may lead to capacity decrease, but it does so little that you cannot recognize the difference! However, if you charge your phone in bed, make sure you won’t cover it with pillows or blankets, because it won’t allow the heat generated inside to get out properly, and that can cause explosions.

phone battery life

Last but not least, it’s no longer true that closing your apps will help prolong the phone battery life! With the latest Android or iOS versions, it’s not battery consuming if you leave an app running in the background, except for those apps that require internet connection. Meanwhile, it takes certain amount of power to completely close an app, and reopen an app again. The process of erasing an app from the RAM consumes more battery than you think!

Phone battery life: Round-up

Those are the 3 most common misconceptions about phone battery life! We hope after reading this article, you won’t have to follow those out-of-date tips anymore! However, make sure your smartphone uses lithium-ion battery, or else you still have to stick to those tips!