Our picks: best To-do apps for iOS and Android

Nowadays, increasing number of people are more technology-oriented and don’t rely that much on a pen and paper to keep track of their productivity. For them, we have consolidated our top picks of best to-do apps for both iOS and Android users:

our picks best to-do apps

1. Wunderlist

First on the list is our all-time favorite: Wunderlist – the productivity app with all the features that a person would need. The app allows you to create big tasks and their sub-tasks to help you break down the steps that you need to take to finish your goal. Wunderlist features include: setting deadlines and remainders, assigning and sharing tasks with friends, as well as attaching media and doc files to the tasks.

Another amazing part about this productivity app is the ability to have little chats inside a task! It’s very convenient for teams to have follow-ups on tasks. Wunderlist lets you customize the background color of the app to your liking. Moreover, the app is available and synchronizable on computer desktop and mobile. It is free for use; however, if you want an upgraded experience, the Wunderlist price is as follows: 4,99USD/month and 49,99USD/year.

best to-do apps Wunderlist

2. Todoist

Next, on our list of best to-do apps is: Todoist, with its neat and consistent design. The app will help you keep track of your tasks by letting you set up different to-do lists, possibility of sharing your goals with your friends, and reminding you of the deadlines. Todoist features that differentiate the app from other productivity apps are: the ability to integrate with other platforms (Google Calendar, Evernote) and the ‘Karma’ add-on.

The ‘Karma’ feature is basically an awarding system that give you points when you accomplish your tasks – all to keep you more motivated! This neatly looking app is for free to use and available on desktop and mobile. If you want additional features (like uploading files, etc.), you can purchase Todoist premium version for 28,99 USD/year.

best to-do apps Todoist

3. Any.do

Any.do is the productivity app that has the most simplest and cleanest user interface among all app listed here. Similarly to two previous apps, the Any.do features include: creating and sharing tasks and to-do lists with others, adding sub-tasks and files, and synchronizing all your recorder data between your mobile and computer desktop apps. In addition to that, Any.do allows you to add quick tasks by voice and also by emailing to d0@any.do!

The concept behind this productivity app is slightly different. Any.do sorts out your to-do’s into 4 groups: Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday. This app’s purpose was to simplify your tasks view by letting you focus and by not overwhelming you with deadlines. The Any.do price is at 2,99USD/month or 26,99/year for a premium version (such as unlimited shared tasks and bigger file uploads). Otherwise, you can get the app for free for the basic version.

best to-do apps any.do

These apps are the best to-do apps for a reason!

All the apps listed here are surely the best to-do apps that have been ever offered up till now. They have the most needed productivity features. At the same time, each app in this list has its own unique ‘specs’. It is best for you to try out each of them (there are only 3!) and find the one that works best for you. We hope that these apps will help you accomplish your daily and long-term to-do’s!