Oppo F1s camera: Does it deserve so much praise from Oppo?

Oppo F1s is now promoted as the “expert camera phone! Today let’s have a quick review on Oppo F1s camera. The review is based on real-life shots! Let’s take a look!

oppo f1s camera hihi

Oppo F1s camera on the back: The pros and cons

This is one of the few phones whose main camera offers smaller resolution than the selfie camera. On the back of Oppo F1s, there is a 13MP camera with different shooting modes. The Ultra HD mode allows users to take 51MP images by combining 4 photos together. The HDR modes results in better photos than the ones taken in Auto mode. However, The Panorama mode does quite an average job. The entire exposure and the colors are nice but when you view the photos on computer screen, you will obviously see the lack of details.

The Expert mode, on the other hand, is a nice experience in smartphone photography. This modes allows users to manually adjust the camera settings, including the white balance, the exposure compensation, the ISO and even the shutter speed. This function is not new, as Nokia’s PureView technology already offers the same in Lumia smartphones. But by adding such feature to Oppo F1s camera, Oppo has made the phone more professional and more “expert”.

oppo f1s camera

Compared to its predecessor – Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo F1s camera captures less precise detail (but still acceptable). But instead of the oversaturating issue in previous Oppo device, photos taken by Oppo F1s are quite toned-down and more natural looking. However, the biggest problem of F1s is the auto exposure. In Auto mode, the phone seems confused in deciding which level of exposure is the best. This issue is clearly shown in subsequent shots. Though capturing the same object, each photo appears different from the other.

Oppo F1s camera on the front: the pros and cons

Compared to the selfie shooter in Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo F1s 16MP front camera is better, but there are still rooms for improvement. Though this camera is called the “Selfie Expert”, there are not lots of differences between the photos taken by the front cam of F1s and the ones captured by “non-selfie expert” like Sony Xperia XA or Sony Xperia XA Ultra. However, the new Beauty mode produces better pictures, though too much “beauty” still results in “botox” photos. So overall, Oppo F1s cameras take great photos, but does it deserve so much praise?? It’s a no from me. What is your idea?