Now you can use Whatsapp from your Desktop!

Good news for all Whatsapp fans. Now you can use Whatsapp for pc with Whatsapp Web. The setup is very easy and made possible by the use of Chrome.

Whatsapp Web

For now Whatsapp Web is available on Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia S60 Phones, not yet for iPhone. If you want to use Whatsapp from your Desktop please use the newest Whatsapp Version , and you can find a Option for “Whatsapp Web” in your menu. If the Whatsapp option doesnt show up, just try to restart your phone.

if you have done this just load from Chrome and Scan the QR code from Whatsapp. Normally this takes just a few seconds, depending on your internet connection.

whatsapp web

Different to other desktop messengers, Whatsapp for pc needs a constant connection on your smartphone to make it work. It seems that the WebApp syncs with your phone and actually sends your messages via your phone. If your phone looses the connection, Whatsapp Web will not work as well. Similiar to Whatsapp on your phone, you get notification alerts on your Desktop, but you can easily turn them off.

whatsapp web

Otherwise Whatsapp Web, has all the features of Whatsapp on your phone. You can take pictures and send files directly from your desktop via Whatsapp Web. Also you can easily open up files and pics that you got via the App.

For people working constantly on your Pc or Laptop, Whatsapp Web is a good way of using Whatsapp during the day, without constanly using your phone. As you know for Whatsapp is free download.