Nokia Snow: Beautiful with aluminum body and Super AMOLED screen

Nokia Snow has a breathtakingly beautiful design. We bet it will become the most gorgeous smartphone from Nokia next year. Check it out now!

nokia snow

Nokia Snow Design – Queen of the Winter

For the comeback next year, we realize Nokia is really rich in designs and ideas. Besides many special powerful smartphones such as Nokia Power Ranger, Nokia Play, Nokia Morph, and so on, the company will probably welcome a new member called Nokia Snow, designed by Mohamed Magdy. We predict that Nokia Snow can win many titles for its beauty. Specifically, it has a glossy all-aluminum cover, which creates a feeling like we are holding snow in our hands. The soft lines around the phone’s body even makes it more premium. As for the rear, Nokia Snow together with its camera seems absolutely elegant, promising to satisfy those who are choosy.

Nokia Snow Specs – “I am tiny but mighty!”

Spec-wise, we’ve got some information saying Nokia Snow will feature a 4-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, which shows that the Snow will be perfectly fit your pocket. Besides, there will be a 3 GB of RAM, 16 or 32 GB of expandable storage, a 3,500mAh battery and a combo of a 5 MP front plus a 20 MP PureView rear camera with high-quality Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus and LED flash. Of course, Nokia can make it run on Android OS as their strategy to come back next year. As a result, for those who like having a true smartphone that is fit your hand and your pocket and strong as well, please wait for Nokia Snow. Perhaps it will help bring back the golden time of 4-inch handsets in 2016. Who knows?! 

Nokia Snow Price and Availability

About the Nokia Snow price, though there has not been any official info released yet, we assume with such specs and design, $200-$250 can be reasonable. If so, Nokia Snow can defeat many competitors from other big brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. at the same price range.


So, we are in the final months of 2015 and very close to 2016. It is also the time Nokia makes a comeback and we are looking forward to seeing Nokia Snow together with its fantastic siblings.