Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus: 2GB RAM budget flagship battle

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus are 2 of the best flagships from 2 reputed producers, both carry very affordable price tags yet still offer impressive specs. Let’s see what they look like when put in a comparison. 

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus features

Both Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus received a great deal of attention since the were introduced to the market, for their good brand names as well as the qualified specs compared to very budget price tags. Nokia E1 has a handy 4.9 inch display, 2GB RAM with a signature 20MP Pureview camera from the company. Meanwhile, Lenovo A6020 Plus specs feature a 5.0 inch screen, 2GB RAM paired with Snapdragon 615 chip, a removable 2,750 mAH battery and 13MP main camera

Among hundreds, if not thousands competitors in the fast-growing smartphone market, Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus still has their own place and outshine others. Nokia E1 is loved by users all around the world for its elegant design and realistic specs. In welcoming Nokia comeback 2016, Nokia E1 is the number 1 candidate everyone is predicting to be launched initially. Lenovo A6020 Plus is the most recent budget smartphones by a widely-trusted producer.

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus

Although both smartphones have their own advantages over the other, Nokia E1 still seems to be slightly more favorable. Not only does it carry a more famous brand name, but it also has a better camera compared to its counterpart. Lenovo A6020 Plus, on the other hand, will be selling very well since the company has proven their worth and reliability from their previous smartphones.

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus: impressively affordable

Both Nokia E1 VS Lenovo A6020 Plus fall into the mid-ranger price category.  While Nokia E1 is predicted to cost around USD 250 no more, Lenovo A6020 Plus price is only around USD 150, which is very affordable to most people nowadays. If you meet both smartphones in a same retailer shelf, which between the 2 would you pick, considering the $100 in difference.