Microsoft Pix: A new photo editing app designed for… iOs

Lately Microsoft has just released a new photo editing app called Microsoft Pix that is written for … iOs platform! Let’s take a look to see how “miracle” this app is and why the two giants are cooperating with each other!


Microsoft Pix: Brilliant photo editing application!

Before we talk about this “weird” cooperation between Microsoft and Apple, let’s see how powerful this app is! Microsoft Pix is promoted to be a pro photo editing app for iOs smartphones. This app is capable of selecting the best frames, enhancing each photo and tweaking settings automatically! Pix also captures pictures before users even tap the shutter, so that no good moments is missed!

Another wonderful feature of Microsoft Pix is that it focuses more on the people in the picture! When the face is detected, this app automatically adjusts it settings to make the face look better, regardless of how difficult the lighting conditions are! It also comes with a proprietary multi-frame de-noise technology, which helps the face as well as the background look as life-like as possible.


Microsoft Pix even uses multiple technologies to produce the most accurate, truth color of skin tones, food, and foliage. This app also adjusts its exposure to make both the shadow and the highlight areas in the photo look clear and noise-less! Moreover, when interesting movements are detected, Pix automatically produces a short video called Live Image! So users can capture their precious moments!

Microsoft Pix: What is behind this cooperation?

We all know that Apple has invented wonderful camera sensors for its smartphones! Photos taken by iPhones are stunning and flattering! Now with the assistance of Microsoft, we’re pretty sure the combination will make a bit hit in the world of smartphone photography! The question is, why do the two rivals decide to work with each other? The best explanation so far is that both of them are tired of standing behind Google Android in terms of popularity! Microsoft Pix also signals many future cooperations between these giants! If the battle keeps going on, we’re happy to say that users benefit the most!