Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6: 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM and 10 cores!

Both Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6 have just been revealed lately and they have some features in common. As a result, we find it interesting to make a comparison between those two Meizu phones! Let’s go!

Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6

Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6: Specs fight!

First of all, let’s take about the similarities between Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6! They both come with a nice RAM of 4GB, which drives the system really smoothly hence offering great performance! Both these Meizu phones also support a nice internal storage of 32GB. This space is enough for common lovers. One more similarity between Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6 is that they sport the Helio chipset from MediaTek as well as 10-core processor!

Now let’s move on to the difference between Meizu MX6 specs and Meizu Pro 6 specs. Despite packing the same Helio chipset, these phones have different clock speed. While Meizu MX6 comes with Helio X20 2.3GHz, Meizu Pro 6 arrives with Helio X25 2.4GHz. Moreover, Meizu Pro 6 is available at both the 32GB version and the 64GB version. Meanwhile, we will only find a 32GB version of Meizu Mx6. So in term of performance, Meizu Pro 6 is the winner!

Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6 (2)

For photography, Meizu Pro 6, again, is the winner thanks to its 21MP camera on the back. On the other hand, the front snapper of Meizu MX6 is clocked at 12MP resolution! However, Meizu MX6 houses a larger screen: 5.5-inch full HD, while Meizu Pro 6 screen measures only 5.2-inch. Furthermore, Meizu MX6 is more powerful with a 3000mAh battery. Meanwhile, the battery of Meizu Pro 6 is only 2560mAh. So at this point, there’s no clear winner in the battle between Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6 yet!

Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6: Price comparison

Meizu Pro 6 price for the 32GB version is expected to be around RM 1800. Meanwhile, Meizu MX6 price is quite lower: RM 1700. So again, the winner is not obvious! But in my opinion, Meizu MX6 will be a better choice because 12MP is already enough for smartphone photography. Meizu MX6 and Meizu Pro 6 release date is expected to be in August!