Lenovo Yoga Book: Slim and elegant keyboard-less laptop

Lately at IFA – the global leading trade show of electronics and home appliances, Lenovo has just introduced its new fantastic product – Lenovo Yoga Book! Let’s take a look to see what it is!

lenovo yoga book

Lenovo Yoga Book: The first keyboard-less laptop ever

Lenovo is not just a smartphone brand. Laptops and other devices manufactured by Lenovo are also very popular in the market. With the new product introduced during the IFA event, this Chinese brand has made everybody amazed. Lenovo Yoga Book is a brilliant laptop with breath-taking design and incredible feature. It is the world’s first laptop that doesn’t have physical keyboard.

Just like other laptops, Lenovo Yoga Book comes with two panels. One panel is where the display is located. This display is a full HD multi-touch screen with the size of 10.1 inches. The other panel is a capacitive keyboard which is called “Create Pad”. This pad is run by Wacom chipset. It allows users to use both fingers and pen to activate the “keyboard” by touching its surface. After activated, the keyboard and the touchpad appear and get ready for use.

lenovo yoga book

What is even more interesting about Create Pad is that it can scan your drawings. All you need to do is refill the ink inside the pen that goes with the laptop, use that pen to draw anything on a paper and then place the paper on the Create Pad. Besides those great features, this laptop is also able to open 360 degree to form a tablet just like its predecessor.

Lenovo Yoga Book: A stylish product

Another highlight of this laptop is the super thin design. When it opens, this laptop measures only 4.55mm thin! Moreover, Yoga Book is covered with aluminum and magnesium. There are two color options: Gunmetal Grey and Champagne Gold. Regarding Lenovo Yoga Book specs, there is an Intel Atom X5 chipset located at the heart of the laptop. As for the memory, users are offered with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM (which is expandable). The battery of this laptop supports more than 12 hours of use. There are two variants of OS: Android 6.0 and Windows 10. Too bad Lenovo Yoga Book price and release date has not been confirmed yet. Please stay tuned to not miss any detail!