Key iPhone 7s Specs Review: Dual 12MP cam, 256GB ROM and…

This article is for the Apple fans over the world. The Apple iPhone 7s flagship is counting down the days to meet up with you guys. For today, we have the Key iPhone 7s Specs Review to give you a better understanding about this phone.

Key iPhone 7s Specs
Key iPhone 7s Specs Review: Dual 12MP camera, 256GB ROM

Recently, a trustful source of ours has claimed that the soon-to-be Apple iPhone 7s device has a bigger size to accommodate new features. To be specific, its dimensions are 138.44 x 67.26 x 7.21 mm, which is larger than the iPhone 7 with 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm. In fact, Apple Company has applied the new glass backs and the wireless charging feature to its upcoming flagship. Hopefully, the Apple iPhone 7s handset will get the 3D fingerprint sensor integrated into the Power buttons. Besides, some have mentioned the mirror-like outfit, but still no confirmation from the manufacturer.

Next, about the Apple iPhone 7s specs, it has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display. Furthermore, this Apple phone has the Ion-strengthened glass for protection. For the Apple iPhone 7s hardware, it is likely to work on Apple A11 chipset and Quad-core CPU. Besides, the Apple iPhone 7s internal storage might offer four choices: 32/64/128/256GB, maybe along with 3GB RAM. However, all Apple fans know that it’s Apple company’s tradition that all brands in the iPhone line don’t support the external memory.

Key iPhone 7s Specs
For the photography tools, Apple iPhone 7s camera sports a Dual 12MP shooter on the back, along with quad-LED and OIS features. As for the secondary snapper, it bears a single lens of 8MP on the front-facing side. Especially, Siri – the beloved voice assistant program of the phone is available in many languages, working by verbal commands. Finally, the Apple iPhone 7s battery might be a non-removable 3,000mAh.

Key iPhone 7s Specs Review: Launch Date and Price

Up until now, the manufacturer has confirmed to introduce the Apple iPhone 7s phone on 12th September. For the cost, the Apple iPhone 7s price starts at RM. 3844 ($900). Let’s wait for a couple of weeks more to check all the leaks!