iPhone price: Why it is so high?

We all know that iPhone is much more expensive than other smartphones with the same specs! The question is why iPhone price is so high? Is it worth the money? Take a look at this article to know more!


The reasons behind iPhone price

I’m pretty sure that Android fans often claim that iPhone is just for rich idiots who just wanna show off themselves! I personally don’t agree with this! First, that iPhone price goes with an iPhone ecosystem, including Appla App Store, iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, iTune and more! You may say that Android also offers the same feature, but let me tell you: before Android ecosystem was born, the iPhone ecosystem had been existed for years! iPhone automatically continuously back itself up to iCloud. So if something goes wrong, the user can restore ALL their content via the internet only!

Secondly, such high iPhone price includes not only the phone but also the software assurance! iOs 10, the latest iPhone OS, was made available for ALL Apple devices, immediately and simultaneously. On the other hand, Android users have to wait for months until their handsets can be upgraded to the new OS. For example, Google released Android 4.4 in October 2013, but HTC had to wait for 4 months to be able to release the OS in HTC M7. The same thing also happened to Asus. It took the brand 10 months to feature Android 4.4 in their Fonepad Note 6, almost a year later! And Android Nougat has been released already but currently there’s no phone running this latest OS.


Third, iPhone price is high because Apple produces their own OS (and hardwares). Android smartphone brands can prevent low margins, hence resulting in lower prices, because Google provides the Android OS FOR FREE! Moreover, Google offers many of its popular services, again, FOR FREE. So manufacturer really don’t have to invest more. Meanwhile, Apple has their own development team to produce their own software! They also have to build and maintain the infrastructure and human resource to support their services.

Does such iPhone price make the iPhone better than Android?

The answer is NO! Both Android and iOs have their own pros and cons. It depends on what you need from your smartphone and how much you can afford. And trust me, it’s NOT a waste to spend such huge amount of money on iPhone or other Apple devices!