iPhone 7 specs recap: All things you need to know about this phone

What will the next Apple iPhone 7 look like? To help you get reliable information, we gather all of iPhone 7 specs from many reliable sources. Without further delay, let’s see now.

iPhone 7 spec

iPhone 7 specs- a new design

Recently, there are many reports about iPhone 7 release date on the internet. Many people think that it will be launched at the end of 2016. Besideswe see a lot of hints about new features which appear in iPhone 7 specs. A lot of people like the new iPhone7 design, but the others still like the previous versions as iPhone 4/4s. We don’t know whether the changes on iPhone 7 specs will bring the success for Apple or not. However, every change will be supported if it makes the users feel better.

Looking at the changes in iPhone 7 design, it will be expert design with a 5.5-inch all glass Full HD AMOLED screen and 3D Touch tech. Some of iPhone 7 specs are better as comparing to iPhone 6. .According to some opinions, iPhone 7 will have the bigger version with 256 GB of storage memory and we predict that version will cost at $1165. Furthermore, the latest reports say that iPhone 7 will develop a waterproof chassis. This device is also expected to run on iOS 10.

iphone 7 specs

The dramatic change maybe comes from iPhone 7 battery. It will  have the best battery life in Apple ịPhone lines. With a bigger battery, iPhone 7 can work up to 36 hours. If all of that reports become true, with all of the changes in iPhone 7 specs, Apple is now preparing for a dramatic innovation. In the future, We expect to see other special designs from this famous phonemaker.

Apple iPhone 7 price :How much will iPhone 7 cost?

Talking about iPhone 7 price: In the past, the next iPhones have the same price as its predecessors. But now, with a lot of changes in iPhone 7 specs, it is difficult to determine what price tag it cost. However, we believe that it has a price under $780 for a 16GB version, $900 for 64GB, and $1016 for the 128GB. With all of the changes above in iPhone 7 specs, we believe that Apple will get a lot of successes in 2016. What do you want for iPhone 7, please share with us!