Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5: Top Antutu battle

Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5 are both top flagship of year-end 2015. Meizu Pro 5, with impressive 76,852 scores on Antutu, is leading the top list of Q3 2015. Not very far behind, Huawei P9 Max also scored up to 73,759. Here is our Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5 comparison..

Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5

Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5: Antutu beasts from Chinese producers

In terms of specs, Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5 share quite a lot in common. Both devices feature 4GB RAM and a whooping 21MP camera on the rear! Other Huawei P9 Max include powerful Kirin 950 chip set, 64GB internal storage, latest Android 6.0 and a beautiful 2K display. Meanwhile, Meizu Pro 5 specs have a combination of premium Exynos 7420, 32/64GB internal storage, FHD display and Android 5.0 OS. While we know Meizu Pro 5 battery is 3050 mAH, Huawei P9 Max battery is still under the cover.

The biggest difference between Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5 is probably the screen sizes. Although both are big enough to fit in the phablet category, Huawei P9 Max screen is much bigger than its counterpart: 6.2 inch VS 5.7 inch. Bigger screen is ideal for maximum performance of media files. However, a more compact display is found more handy and convenient to be carried with. One more difference is that, the P9 Max by Huawei is competent of performing 3D graphics, making it more favorable to many users in need.

Specs-wise, it seems that Huawei P9 Max is leading the game, with lastest Android version and more premium chip set. However, if considering Antutu results, the Meizu Pro 5 still scored higher in general. Antutu is a trusted Benchmark used to evaluate smartphone performances, basing on a combination of different elements.

Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5

Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5: good quality for their money

We know about Huawei P9 Max VS Meizu Pro 5 weak and strong points comparing to each other. Now, let’s come to the decisive element: price tag. Huawei P9 Max price is expected to vary from RM2,500 to RM2,800 while Meizu Pro 5 price has 2 variations: RM 1,900 for 32GB ROM and RM 2,100 for 64GB ROM! This would add in a lot when deciding the winner! Don’t forget to share with us your vote and the reason why you think that smartphone beats its competitor!