HTC Ocean leaked: A brand-new Touch sense technology!

While HTC Desire 10 Pro and HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle have just been launched recently, we have received some information about another HTC phone: HTC Ocean! Let’s take a look!


HTC Ocean: A brand new touch sense technology

Recently, a video was posted by Danelle Vermeulen – HTC Motion designer. The video shows a new HTC phone which is named HTC Ocean. This video was then removed from his website. However, smartphone leakster @evleaks had been able to download this video before it was taken down, and now it has been spread over the internet!

According to this video, HTC Ocean will come with a brand new touch sense technology. To be more specific, there are two capacity panels located on… the outer sides of the smartphone! These panels can be used to activate certain functions of the phone like the camera, media player and more! After tapping or swiping these panels, the phone will listen to your commands and complete them.


As far as we are concerned, this touch sense technology on HTC Ocean can help users manage the phone faster and more conveniently. However, as no lock button is found, this phone should also come with a new lock/unlock method, like a specific hand gesture for example. Without it, there will be lots of annoyance for users because only an unintentional touch can activate many functions of the phone.

HTC Ocean: Will it turn into reality?

Speaking about this leak, Danelle Vermeulen has claimed that HTC Ocean is not a real smartphone of HTC. Instead, it is just a concept. What do you think? In our opinion, this phone is not simply a concept. If it was really a concept, Danelle wouldn’t have to take the video down. One more possibility is that this video is a teaser of another technology coming soon in the future. So let’s wait and see.