HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: a battle to become the king of Windows world

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: the battle between two Windows phones. One is the flagship of HP, one is the strongest Windows phone of Microsoft. So, who will win this battle and become the king of the Windows world?

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: the race to be king of Windows world

Speaking of Windows Phones, Lumia from Microsoft dominates this segment. And Lumia 950 XL is the king of Windows Phone world. There hasn’t any phone that can take over its place until now. However, everything is about to change. Another Windows Phone is coming up and it’s promised to replace the position of Lumia 950 XL to become the strongest Windows phone in the market. This phone is a product from HP- Elite X3.

The phone is powered by a SND 820 processor and runs on Windows 10 Mobile. Along with those is a 4GB RAM paired with a 64GB of inbuilt storage. You can expand it up to 2TB through a microSD card. The HP device comes with a 6-inch Quad HD display and a 4150mAh battery life. In addition to HP Elite X3 specs, there will be an 8MP front shooter and a 16MP main cam with 4K recording.

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: how about Lumia 950 XL specs? This phone also runs on Windows 10 Mobile and have the Quad HD display + Qualcomm SND processor. However, it comes with a smaller screen (5.7 inches) and a lower chipset (SND 810). 950 XL packs a 3GB RAM along with a 32GB ROM (expandable up to 200GB). For photography, Microsoft phone beats its rival with a 20MP primary cam. However, it sports a 5MP selfie snapper and a 3340mAh capacity.

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: price and release date

HP Elite X3 VS Lumia 950 XL: this is a battle between the successor and the ex-king of the Windows Phone kingdom. HP handset is gonna be the strongest Windows phone. You will see this new king in the next two months. HP Elite X3 launch date will be in September in Italy. It will come with HP Elite X3 price of about $770. On the other hand, Lumia 950 XL price is lower with $513. And it’s available in the market.