Google Street View: new photography trend 360 panorama

It was a revolution when we turned a boring black-and-white photo into a vibrant colored photo. The colored ones seem to do their best to help us capture our memorable moments. But now, everything has changed since Google brought out its new programme named Google Street View. So let see how this marvelous app surprises us!

google street view

Google Street View: new age of 360 panorama!

Launched in 2007, Google Street View is a technology featured in combination of Google Maps and Google Earth. Unlike the practical applications of Google Maps for directions or live traffic reports, Google says it has a more poetic aim for Street View. This Google Street View app provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world. Nowadays, it is expanded to include every scenes that people want to keep. Google Street View displays panoramas of stitched images.

Google Street View 360 panorama feature made its debut last year. Since then, Google Street View has been one of those “Hey, look what my phone can do!” things. This Google app was introduced to all Street View fans to make exploring the world easier. The 360 panorama app supports for both Android and iOS. Its main function is to tour immersive 360-degree imagery. Google is reaching out to photographers to help capture and record the planet’s most hard-to-reach places.

google street view

Here is what you will do to take a 360 panorama. It is not very easy at first trial but after some practice it will be in your hand. You choose a place to shoot the first photo by merging the circle with the yellow dot. One important point is that you have to be extremely careful since the photo you got may be out of the frame and blurred. Then you rotate the camera, capture each one of these yellow dots, until you have a full 360 image. Such photographs will give viewers a real feeling like they’re standing right at that place.

Google Street View: it’s time to show a new world!

“We are trying to inspire people to go out and explore,” said Evan Rapoport, Product Manager of Google Maps. Regarding the improvement of social media, Google Street View just meets our demand to share our lives or just simply to capture moments. If you are holding a smartphone with available Wifi , just download this app, experience it by yourself, and let us enjoy your photos!