Elephone P8 surfaced and leaked: 6GB RAM…

The Elephone company is really trying its best in orders to make sure the new baby called the Elephone P8 meet the expectation. Let’s find out more about this news.

Elephone P8

Elephone P8 specs and features?

There will soon be a new phone in the market named the Elephone P8, the device recently leaked online and was one of the hottest topics. So many phone premium smartphones appeared in this 2017 and many other are yet to come. We have already written about some like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6, the Huawei P10 plus and even the iPhone 8 that is going to arrive in September. But for the Elephone P8 flagship, we don’t evaluate it as a premium device, but it’s gonna be one of the best high-end smartphones you can get with a cheap cost.

It is believed that the company wants the Elephone P8 cameras to feature a 16 Megapixel with the Samsung front facing cameras, there will be a 21 Megapixel Sony cam for that perfect selfie shots. Such kind of technology will definitely make fans love this new device, for the software side, it will offer Helio P25 processor and 6 GB of DDR4 RAM. The phone may come protected with the Gorilla glass to avoid been scratched. You can find out more about the Elephone P8 Mini here.

Elephone P8


For the internal storage of this phone, we have no idea yet how many GB it will offer, and we also don’t know if the storage will be expandable or not. Of course, the main dealbreaker will be the price and we are still kept in the dark with that. There are many other rumors saying that the phone may definitely launch in May, and this gonna be something good for fans if this leak has to be trusted.

Elephone P8 price and availability?

For the price of this phone, we don’t really know how much it will cost, and we will try to keep you updated as soon as we have the official price leak. The phone is rumored to launch in May, so would you grab this phone when it launches?