Can’t take my eyes of this Samsung Galaxy S8 edge!

The flagship duo Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were launched not long ago and naturally, we are looking for the next generation – Samsung Galaxy S8. Today, we would like to introduce its gorgeous edge version to you…

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge design – What can be better than this?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 edge we are looking at is a masterpiece made by Steel Drake – a designer. Obviously, it still inherits the signature curved display of the Samsung Galaxy edge series. Though, in general, the whole handset seems to carry a totally different appearance which attracts us immediately. More interestingly, the top and bottom’s areas of the front screen are narrowed down, saving more space than many phones nowadays.

Additionally, S8 edge will measure 141mm x 72mm x 6.8mm, according to the designer. That can be a perfect thickness for a flagship. On the back, there is a “galaxy” logo placed under the main camera perhaps in order to represent this smartphone brand of Samsung. Yet, it is kind of… strange, to be honest. What do you think?

Despite showing people a wonder S8 edge machine, Mr. Drake did not mention Samsung Galaxy S8 edge specs. Anyhow, to meet consumers’ demands developing day by day, we guess the device will sport 6GB RAM, 256GB ROM, a 4K screen, an at least 4,000mAh battery, Android N OS, and a fantastic combo of shooters, say, like 21MP sensor on the rear and 13MP one on the front.

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge price and availability

Since the S7 model was just released not long ago, the company won’t rush into debuting another beast phone that soon. While they are taking their time preparing everything, hopefully this design will be considered carefully. As for Samsung Galaxy S8 edge price, we predict it can cost around $950. Whats’ your opinion? Share with us now!