Camera smartphones beasts comparison: Galaxy Note 5 VS HTC One A9 VS..

As technology has been developing so much, we now do not need to bring a camera along with us to take photos since we can do that with our own smartphones. But, you may wonder whether your phone has the best shooter or not, which can somehow affect you picture quality. Therefore, today, we would like to introduce a camera comparison of 6 current flagships on the market to you. If you are owing one of them, you can check how good your device is; if no, you can take it as a reference for buying another new handset in the future.

camera comparison

Camera comparison of iPhone 6S Plus, Nexus 6P, Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, Moto X Pure Edition, and HTC One A9

Let’s have a side-by-side look at actual images taken with those smartphones and by Phonearena. Note that the tests were conducted under pretty the same conditions. Nonetheless, some small variations in the framing of the shots do exist because of their cams’ different aspect ratios, fields of view, and focal lengths. Anyhow, you will still easily recognize the differences and pick out the best for yourself.


Scene 1 – In a house


In this first scene, 3 phones have stood out: Nexus 6P, LG G4, and Apple iPhone 6S Plus as they produced photos with very good details and mostly realistic colors. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 somewhat made us disappointed. We expected that details in its photo should have been clearer without burning in lighter areas. Similarly, Moto X Pure Edition was in the same case and HTC One A9’s image was detailed, but unnaturally cold and with there was too much contrast.


Anyhow, which picture do you like most? 

Scene 2 – Outdoor environment


Outdoor environment with natural light seems a perfect condition for all kinds of cameras to show off their talents. Pictures are usually shot at low ISO and high shutter speed which will give little noise and lack of motion blur to the pics. For our phone cams, in general, the Moto X Pure Edition and the Nexus 6P were the best, for the photos’ details were very nice and clear. The Galaxy Note 5 also did a good job though perhaps its rear snapper sharpened the image too aggressively. The iPhone 6S Plus and the HTC One A9 were great as well. Meanwhile, the LG G4 were not. Its image was overexposed and blurry.


Again, tell us which picture do you like most? 

Scene 3 – Low light in the house


Overall, the devices were able to handle low-light situations well. Yet, the most outstanding one goes to LG G4. It stuck a good balance in exposure between the bright areas of the scene. The runner-ups are Nexus 6P and iPhone 6s Plus. Then, we have Galaxy Note 5. Although its photo was detailed enough, there were dark areas in the pic, making it not very beautiful. On the other hand, HTC One A9 had a totally different issue. Its photo was a bit overexposed and blurry once zoomed in, and so was the Moto X’s photo.


Scene 4 – Low light outside the house


This time, the photos were taken outdoors with night light. All the pics are pretty awesome generally, yet LG G4 can be number one with its bright, vivid image. Do you like it as we do?


Scene 5 – Flash comes along!


Last but not least, here are the photos captured with flashes in darkness and from a distance of about 1.2 meters. And… WOW. They all set the focus right. We notice HTC One A9 did better than the others. Every area was illuminated well without vignetting effect.


In the end…

Each phone camera has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of them have high megapixels but sometimes cannot work as good as the lower ones. So, in your opinion, which can be the winner of this cam comparison?

(Source: phonearena)