Best Chinese flagships battle in the Q2 of 2016: ZUK Z2 Pro vs Le Max 2 vs Xiaomi Mi5 Pro

Chinese smartphones are getting more popular and also receiving much positive feedback. Though, if you want to find out the best handset among flagships, check out the following battle! 

Best Chinese flagships

ZUK Z2 Pro vs Le Max 2 vs Xiaomi Mi5 Pro: The winner is…

Yes, we know ZUK Z2 Pro and Le Max 2 are 6GB RAM smartphones. However, they also have 4GB RAM versions which we would like to look at carefully in this battle. Along with the champion of the Antutu benchmark – Xiaomi Mi5 Pro, we will compare them to find out which one is the strongest flagship so far. First of all, let’s see what the devices have in common.

Each of them has 4GB RAM, a Snapdragon 820 chipset, a dual SIM, Android Marshmallow OS, Quick Charge 3.0 tech, a fingerprint scanner, and a USB Type-C port. Well, there are not many similarities, rite?! So, we guess their differences will help you and us decide the winner. Say, if you want a big phablet equipped with excellent resolution, Le Max 2 can be a good choice because it sports a 5.7-inch 2K screen. On the contrary, the Mi5 Pro and the Z2 Pro are handier with about 5.2-inch Full HD screens. But, when it comes to another aspect like ROM capacity, the Xiaomi smartphone is definitely the best sine it boasts up to 128GB. You can store and download lotsa things.

Best Chinese flagships

In terms of photography, once again, the Max 2 leads the race. It owns a fantastic 21MP primary camera, much better than the Mi5 Pro’s 16MP and the Z2 Pro’s 13MP one. You will get great shots of everything you capture. As for battery, actually they do not differ from each other a lot: 3,000mAh, 3,100mAh and 3,100mAh for Mi5 Pro, Z2 Pro and Max 2, respectively. They are decent to bring your machines enough energy to work all day long. In general, we have to say that the Le Max 2 has shown many advantages to be the champion of this hardware war. Yet, what do you think?

ZUK Z2 Pro vs Le Max 2 vs Xiaomi Mi5 Pro: Price and availability

About price tags, three of them seem affordable compared to many other flagships on the shelves. Specifically, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro price is $417 while Le Max 2 price is $323. Despite still being unknown for now, ZUK Z2 Pro price must be lower than the 6GB RAM ZUK Z2 Pro price (around $416). At the moment, LeEco Max 2 is also the most budget model here. So, we won’t hesitate to call it the most powerful Chinese smartphone. Do you agree?