Asus Ecchellon X One: 4GB RAM beast with gorgeous design

ASUS Ecchellon X One is a brand new smartphone spotted very recently. The smartphone impresses with a gorgeous all metal body and exciting feature. Another beast is coming soon?

ASUS Ecchellon


ASUS Ecchellon X One specs and features

In case you don’t know yet, Asus is famous for their variety of Zenfone, but they are not just about Zenfone. This Asus Ecchellon is an example. Featuring 5.5 inch screen (which is quite popular among Asus smartphone), the Ecchellon falls into the phablet category. Specs wise, this new phone features 4GB RAM with powerful Intel CPU. Asus Ecchellon X One has a huge 128GB ROM, a beautiful 16MP camera on the back and impressive 8MP camera on the front, both equipped with LED flash to boost image quality.

This high-end smartphone is an Android-based machine and expected to be pre-installed with the latest version of Android OS – which for now is the upcoming Android 7.0. To make the best use for their product, Asus Ecchellon will be powered by a 3,500 mAH battery. Designed by Mladen Milic, the smartphone appears very premium and attractive with uni body chassis. Which, in the designer’s language, has a minimalistic design and a “muscular look”.

A bit more about Asus Ecchellon design. You can spot a metal part on the right corner of the machine, which can be easily removed to insert microSD and SIM card slots. That is also the part that will come in 2 different colors: black and grey. An “A” logo is made of special anti slip material and placed proudly on the phone body.

Asus Ecchellon X One phablet: impressive Asus smartphone

With very high-end specs and a gorgeous design, Asus Ecchellon is such a promising device that will attract many of us. However, for now, it is still just a render design by aspiring designer Mladen Milic. Hopefully, we will see this beast mobile in the near future, among Asus 2016 collection.