Anti-theft apps for Android phones: top best

You can easily lose your phone today, especially when you have a super good one. These top five anti-theft apps for Android below could help you prevent it. Check it out. 

Anti-theft apps

Anti-theft apps: I “GotYa”!

The first app is GotYa. This app is one of the best anti-theft apps for Android phone. GotYa will silently take a photo of a person of using your phone with the selfie snapper. And then, it will send that picture as well as the location of your smartphone to your email or facebook. Thanks to this app, you can know the theft and the place your device was stolen. The only minus of this app is battery-consuming.

The second app is Android Device Manager. This is an app developed by Google. This free app will support the location of a phone on the map, remotely lock it, delete data or ring the bell with a maximum volume. Thirdly, you can use Bitdefender Anti-Theft to protect your phone. This app is nearly like Android manager. However, it has some additional functions. It will notify you when your SIM phone is changed.

Anti-theft apps

The fourth anti-theft app is Cerberus. If someone uses your phone installed Cerberus, you will receive the list of the latest incoming and outgoing calls. The app can even let you know the mobile supplier that your handset is connecting. Cerberus will locate your device, ring the alarm bell even when the device is in the silent mode. It can even delete the data saved on the phone and SD card, lock the phone by a message, or remotely control the phone via website or message.

Prey: they can run, but they can’t hide

Last but not least, Prey. It is one of the most favorite anti-theft apps. Because it got almost every function. Like Manager, Prey is a free app. It can capture the theft’s face by both the front and back cameras like GotYa. Prey will use GPS or Wifi to identify the location of your handset. It can also remotely lock the phone or erase all the data. It works on all platforms. So, if you want to keep your device safe, Prey is a smart way.