5 reasons why you should buy sub 5.0 inch smartphones over bigger ones

Both Lenovo and Apple just hinted their upcoming “mini” smartphones with 4.7 inch displays, making us notice that there will be more handy devices to come. Here are 5 reasons why a sub 5.0 inch smartphone should be considered.


1. Fit perfectly in your hand

The first advantage about having a sub 5.0 inch smartphone that everyone could point out is that, it fits perfectly in your hand. And despite long time of usage, it just doesn’t tire out your muscle, compared to holding a bigger (and heavier) machine for the same duration. With a smartphone that has 4.7 inch display or smaller, you can easily receive call, text or even play games with just one hand, and have the other hand free to keep …. uhm, food, for instance. This is the one thing any user with a bigger mobile really envies, for they can never play with their device comfortably in just one hand, or they will risk dropping it tragically.

2. Stay handy in your pocket

Not only does a sub 5.0 inch smartphone stay comfortable in your hand, but it also stay perfectly fit in your pocket. Going out for a walk, driving, sitting in office, being absent-minded? No situation would be a problem because you can always just put your phone in your pocket, and it will stay there whenever you need to use. Meanwhile, a bigger phone just won’t fit and will become an obstacle for your daily activities like walking, sitting, driving…


3. Elegant appearance

Sub 5.0 inch smartphones usually come with a compact body and elegant design. There could be no flowery accessories complicated details, but a condensed size means minimalism is highly respected. So if you are a fan of simplicity and elegance, a smartphone with a rather small size could be an ideal choice for you.

4. Saving your power

It is common knowledge that the bigger the display, the more power your smartphone consumes. So buying a sub 5.0 inch smartphone equals to having more percentage of the battery spent on other performances rather than a big display. If you think it is not much to compare, you could have been mistaken. Because display eats out more battery than any other part of a smartphone. So the difference is definitely not trivial.


5. Better image density – better visual

While a bigger phone benefits its users by offering maximized display space, a smaller phone competes by showing off better image quality. Yes, it is true that, if a big smartphone have high pixel density (400ppi or more), it would be even better. However, the fact is, a high resolution smartphone usually costs a lot. So for a rather low density, the images and color displays are still better off a sub 5.0 inch smartphone than a 5.5 inch or bigger counterpart.

I am not denying that a big screened device doesn’t have its advantages against the smaller ones. However, above are 5 benefits you can obviously enjoy, if you are still considering which is the right size for your next purchase.