5 premium features that can do GREAT HARM to the battery

Honestly, here are premium features that everyone wants to own, but it is not really great if you know how it could harm your smartphone!

premium features

1. Fast-charge technology

Today, fast charging is a premium feature which is very popular in current smartphones. We agree that fast charging technology will be helpful in some cases. For example, when you need to use your phone in emergency situations, quick charge technology can fulfill your demand. However, only a few people know that fast charging technology can harm battery.


First of all, it puts your phone in overworking. For an example, Quick charge 3.0 is one of the premium features, allowing your phone to charge 80% in just 30 minutes. That seems amazing, but the battery capacity could be dropped a bit and gradually. Definitely, your phone battery will be worn out more quickly than other phones that don’t support quick charging.

premium features phone


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