Xiaomi phones dominate Chinese smartphone market

The smartphone market in China is developing continuously. Among many devices from other big brands, Xiaomi phones are dominating the Chinese market, with 26% market share last month. What will Xiaomi do in global market?  

Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi phones: Strong rival in global battle

Xiaomi has stood on the top of Chinese smartphone market again. Based on the monthly analysis report of Sino, a research company, Xiaomi’s sale captured 26% of Chinese phone market. Huawei Honor was the runner-up with 15.7%. Meanwhile, Apple was ranked number 4 with 8.2%. More than that, one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world – Samsung occupied only 3.2%. There is no doubt the Chinese smartphone brands will become the strongest rivals against all famous brands in the world.

Xiaomi phones are famous with their strong specs and budget-friendly price. Among the best Xiaomi phones, you have some options like Xiaomi Mi line, Xiaomi Mi note series, and Xiaomi Redmi Note series. For example, Xiaomi Mi5 Plus comes with 5.7 inch 2K screen, along with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM at only $400. Another excellent device names Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It comes with a 5.5-inch display, coupled with 3GB RAM+ 32GB ROM, for only $174.

Xiaomi phones

China is the largest smartphone market with great potentials. Besides many biggest brands in China, there are a number of foreign giants like Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony,  … However, they cannot compete with domestic mobile companies in this country. Meanwhile, Xiaomi phone company in particular and Chinese brands in general, captures high position in the global market.

Upcoming Xiaomi phones in June

In June, Xiaomi will release more devices. Among the best Xiaomi phones, there are two spokesmen: Xiaomi Mi Max and Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. The Xiaomi Mi Max will come at a massive 6.44-inch screen, along with 4GB RAM and 4850 mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro has a 5.5-inch screen. It is also powered by SND 650, 3GB RAM, 4100mAH. They are the newest Xiaomi phones that will arrive soon in June. Do you plan to buy one of them?