Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date is on July 25th?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – the latest revealed flagship from Xiaomi, has again drawn people’s attention by some of its new information! There’s the high possibility that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date will be on July 25th!

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date: Xiaomi’s strongest flagship awaits?

First, let’s have a round-up about what we’ve got so far about Xiaomi Mi Note 2 specs! The phone is expected to come with a Snapdragon 821 chipset – much stronger than most chipsets nowadays! Along with it is a mighty RAM of 6GB which will undoubtedly drive the system smoothly! Another detail that we’ve collected is that the phone will sport a 5.7-inch 2k display! There are also some hints about dual cameras and dual curved edge display!

Back to Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date, we all heard that the phone will make a debut in August. However, according to the latest reveal from a trustworthy source, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date will be on 25th July, which is nearly 3 weeks from now on! This expectation is in fact based on the latest reveal from Xiaomi. To be more specific, it comes from Xiaomi’s recent teaser!

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date (2)

Couple days ago, the brand released a teaser saying 2>5. The number 2 here could possible simply Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and number 5 could mean a smartphone from another brand (Honor 5C for example). The interesting thing here is 2 plus 5 is 7. Then we have 25th July! And that’s not the only hint! A few more days ago, the co-founder of Xiaomi – Lin Bin commented that the brand would announce a very powerful handset in July. And so far, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is the most powerful device to leaked!

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date: What is the price?

We all know that Xiaomi phones are normally cheap compared to other flagships from big brands like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo or Oppo. However, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price is expected to be quite average: $375 (RM 1500). And this is not a bad news at all! Xiaomi budget phones already come up with great specs, so we expect that with this price tag, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 would be a big threat to other flagships in the current market! All we’ve got to do now is waiting for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date at the end of this month!