Upcoming Xiaomi phone: strong rival of iPhone 6

Later this year, we will see two upcoming Xiaomi phones. One of them is reported to get top-end features and luxury price such as iPhone 6s. 

upcoming Xiaomi phones

Upcoming Xiaomi phone is a powerful device

As previous leaks, Xiaomi will launch two powerful devices later this year: Xiaomi Mi 5s and Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Besides, many users believe that one of them will get the top-end features like iPhone 6s. Especially, that upcoming Xiaomi phone will be priced at $600. As you know, Xiaomi devices get high-qualities with affordable prices. So, this device could be a new strategy of Xiaomi to engage high-end segment. However, Xiaomi will still produce mid-range smartphones in the future. The company could be famous for both mid-range and high-range smartphone segments.

From the leaked images, the upcoming Xiaomi phone will sport 6GB RAM along with whooping SnapDragon 823. That could be the most powerful Xiaomi phone. Moreover, this Xiaomi phone might come with 5.7-inch 2K display and a massive 128GB of ROM. As for the camera, you could find a combo of 20MP main camera and 8MP selfie shooter. A 4000mAH could also be a best selling point on this phone. From other reports, the upcoming Xiaomi phone has a curved screen like Xiaomi Mi Note 2s which comes to later this year as well.

upcoming Xiaomi phones

That mean Xiaomi will take part in high-end segment later this year. And this upcoming Xiaomi phone could be the Xiaomi flagship. That is necessary if the company want to compete with two biggest brands: Apple and Samsung.

How an upcoming Xiaomi phone can compete with Apple and Samsung

As you know, Apple and Samsung are famous for top-end smartphones around $600. At present, Apple iPhone 6s price is around $649 and Galaxy S7 price is $670. So, with $600 price tag, the upcoming Xiaomi phone is very attractive to users. Let’s wait and see!