Water damaged phone: 5 easy tips to bring your phone back to life

Not all smartphones are waterproof. So what happens if you accidentally drop your phone into the water? Don’t worry, here are our advice for water damaged phone.

water damaged phone (2)

Water damaged phone: Immediate rescue!

First up, you need to take your phone out of the water and turn it off immediately. The more you leave the phone in the water, the more it is damaged! So if you accidentally drop your phone into the water, take it out right away. Then you must turn it off, because keeping the phone running will only mess up with the electronic parts insides! Then, when the water damaged phone is in a drier place, continue with the next step.

Second, you need to dissemble every removable parts. Most non-waterproof smartphones come with removable case and battery. What you need to do is dissemble both of them, then remove the microSD card, the SIM out and any other props. The third step is to remove all the water on the surface. You can use tissue or a soft towel to rinse the outside of your water damaged phone . Be gentle, especially with the screen! You don’t want to leave any mark or scratching on your device right?

water damaged phone

Then, it’s time to dry the inner parts of your water damaged phone. Most of you may choose a hair dryer to do this job but actually, the heat from the hair dryer may harm the electronics insides, which are very fragile. So our recommendation is a… vacuum cleaner. It will suck out the water as well as the dust from your smartphone.

Water damaged phone: Prevent all consequences!

The last step is to eliminate all the moist inside your water damaged phone! Removing the visible water is not the final step. There will be a great amount of moist stuck in your phone after it drops into the water. So all you need is to prepare a ziploc bag of … rice (raw). Then put your phone inside and leave it there. Rice is a good but cheap “tool” to absorb humidity! After a couple days, take the phone out and you will be surprised by the result!