Two new Nubia phones might be showing up at ZTE’s next event!

An event hosted by ZTE is about to take place in the next couple days. In the beginning, this event was expected to be the launch date of Nubia Z11 Mini S. However, according to latest updates, there might be not one, but two new Nubia phones! Let’s take a look!

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New Nubia phones: The next camera flagships from ZTE?

First of all, let’s talk about ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S. According to many sources, this phone could be the main topic during the upcoming event of ZTE. ┬áNubia Z11 Mini S is reported to be an upgraded version of Nubia Z11 Mini. The only detail we have collected about Nubia Z11 Mini S specs is that the phone will possibly carry a dual camera on the back. Information about other Nubia Z11 Mini S specs has not been found. However, it’s worth mentioning that the original version without “S” already comes with good specs. Some of them are a 3GB RAM, a 5-inch full HD screen and a combo of 16MP/8MP cameras.

Besides, there is another interesting piece of information that we would like to bring up here. According to the latest updates, a picture of a Nubia phone has shown up on Weibo. In the picture, there is an unknown metal smartphone which is launching the Antutu application. On the screen, we can easily see that this phone comes with a massive 22.6MP main camera and a 13MP front-facing shooter.

new nubia phones

As you can see, this new update is different from the reports about ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S. As a result, there are two possibilities. Possibility no.1: the upgraded version of Nubia Z11 Mini will pack a 22.6MP/13MP camera combo, instead of a dual main camera as reported. Possibility no.2: the new Nubia phone in the picture on Weibo is another smartphone from ZTE, which means there might be not one, but two new Nubia phones!

New Nubia phones: The answer will arrive next Monday

So far, the information above is still waiting to be confirmed. Whether there are two new Nubia phones or just one, we can be sure that ZTE is aiming at the camera segment. Now let’s wait until next Monday – when the ZTE event takes place, and we will have the answer! Please stay tuned to get the latest updates!