Top 5 upcoming smartphones with biggest cores: Acer Predator 6, Meizu MX6, Galaxy S7 and …

A recent Anandtech experiment showed that the number of a chip’s cores is important, especially in rendering and tab management and app installation. So, the more cores a phone has, the more powerful it can be. Then, here are some upcoming smartphones like that. Check them out now!



1. Acer Predator 6

Flagship killer Acer Predator 6 specs will contain a deca-core processor (which is likely to be MediaTek Helio X20 chipset) and 4GB RAM. Moreover, its display is huge with 6 inches to provide greater viewing experience while users play games. And you can also use its amazing 21MP rear camera to take photos. Well, despite being announced last year, it has not gone on sale yet. As recent reports, Acer Predator 6 launch will be in 2016, probably in November.



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