Sandisk Ixpand flash drive: 128GB Extra Memory for your iOS Device

After the launch of the original iXpand flash drive last year, SanDisk has introduced the updated version of the iXpand Flash Drive with up to 128GB extra memory for your iOS device.

ixpand flash drive

iXpand Flash Drive: small device-great solution

According to a recent cosumer survey, there’s a considerable amount of Iphone user indicate that they’re not content with their mobile phone’s scanty storage space. Last year Sandisk Corporation launched iXpand Flash drive-a mobile storage deviced designed with many functions to help people free up space on there Ios device. Lately, they reinvented it with new design and features, with up to 128GB of additional capacity, the updated iXpand Flash Drive will be a great solution for users whose phone keep running out of storage space.

Now you don’t have to remove iPhone or ipad case to plug the device anymore, the new iXpand flash drive is slimmer and smaller now so you can plug directly into our iPhone and iPad. After plugging the drive into iOs devices, iXpand flash drive will automatically back up your iPhone and ipad camera roll. You don’t have to select every single one photo, iXpand flash drive does it all for us. It also save much more time with the USB 3.0 High Speed Transfer, transferring files between 2 devices and free up space now just happens in a blink.

ixpand flash drive

With the updated iXpand Flash, you can store and watch videos straight from the drive in almost any formats (.WMV, .AVI, .MKV, .MP4, .MOV).  The new feature makes it possible to watch videos on the move, now you can enjoy your favorite movies and videos anytime anywhere. And last but not least, iXpand flash drive also includes encryption software to protect password and secure user’s information.

iXpand Flash Drive: diversity versions for flexible choices

Since customers have different demands, iXpand Flash Drive have different capacities: 16GB, 32Gb, 64GB and 128GB and reasonable price for each one: $49,99, $69.99, $89.99 and $129.99. Does anyone here use this device? Feel free to comment below, we’re glad to know about your experience!