Samsung Galaxy S9 patent shows an edge-to-edge design, Dual rear camera

Someone came across the Samsung Galaxy S9 patent that the company filed with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service back in May 2016. It would seem that Samsung is going to take the infinite display to a whole new level.

Samsung Galaxy S9 patent

Samsung Galaxy S9 patent: full-screen display

From the look of it, the patent shows a notch on the top, presumably to house the selfie camera. And that’s about it. Literally nothing else is on the front screen. Not even the bottom chin. This could mean Samsung is going full-screen on this device. Another image shows an edge to edge design connecting via curved corners. Since dual screens have implemented before, so 2018 might be the time Samsung joins the competition.

Regarding hardware, Samsung has reportedly been buying up all the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset model 845. Surely, it is to prevent competitors to from getting the chip. But all these chip has to go somewhere, and that place might just be inside the next flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S9 RAM is expected to be 6GB, following on from the Note 8. We are not sure about the storage capacity yet because Apple iPhone 8 features a massive 512GB. It is possible that Samsung will pull something off to even the score.

Samsung Galaxy S9 patent

And for the camera, we are sure it will be a dual cam since the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera was a huge success. The question remains for the software part of the snapper. Afterall,  Much of the praise for the Note 8 shooter was thanks to the camera app. For now, we can not say what will become of the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery since the image is just a patent, not even a concept art.

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In any event, this doesn’t even have to the Samsung Galaxy S9 patent. Companies files many patents that ended up never see the light of day. Therefore, we will keep looking for more information following this leak.