Oppo F3 plus and Oppo F3: 20+8MP for selfies…

You may not know that Oppo is one of those smartphone makers who manufacture some high-end phones, Let’s have a look at its upcoming phones the Oppo F3 Plus and Oppo F3.


Oppo F3 Plus and Oppo F3 specs?

Oppo is a great smartphone manufacturer which can actually challenge the Huawei and Xiaomi in Asia. In fact, it sold more smartphones in 2016 more than Xiaomi and more than Huawei as well. Open this link if you want to know more about some of the Oppo’s best phones. For the Oppo F3 and Oppo F3 Plus, we will tell you more about the features and specs they will offer. We don’t have much details and leaks which can help us give you more information about these phones, but we have some News you.

The Oppo F3 Plus specs will come with the size of a 6-inch screen, while the Oppo F3 will have a 5.5-Inch Full HD IPS 2.5D Curved. The F3 Plus will be powered by the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6GB RAM, while the F3 will also feature SDN 835 with 4GB RAM. The oppo F3 Plus cameras will sports a 20MP + 8MP for selfies, similar to the Vivo V5 Plus, with the 16MP on the rear with a phase detection autofocus. The Oppo F3 cameras will offer 16 MP Primary on the rear and 16 MP Front shooter for selfies.


The OppoF3 Plus will give you a battery power of 3075mAh battery non-removable, while the F3 is set to come with 4000 mAh Battery non-removable as well. For the storage, the F3 Plus will offer a 128GB ROM expandable up to 256, while the F3 is said to offer 64GB ROM expandable up to 256GB as well.This is what we got from a report “It appears an F3 and F3 Plus pair or devices is already in the works, as evident from a pair of ads, recently spotted in the Philippines”.

Oppo F3 Plus and F3 prices and availability?

The Oppo F3 price is expected to be around RM. 1530 while the Oppo F3 Plus price is expected to be RM. 2000. Both phones are set to go on sale on 07th March 2017. What do you think about these phones, especially the Oppo F3 Plus with its 20+8MP selfie cameras?