Official Xiaomi Mi5 leaked in presentation video: all specs unveiled

It is very near Xiaomi Mi5 launch, but perhaps before it happens, we can know everything about it. Check out the following information of Xiaomi Mi5 specs and…


Official Xiaomi Mi5 specs: 26MP main camera, 4GB RAM and…

Recently, some official slides of the Xiaomi Mi5 launch event have been spread on the internet, showing a full view of Xiaomi Mi5 specs. So, from now on, there is no need to question or care about leaks anymore. Speaking specifically, the next flagship of Xiaomi will come with two versions on Xiaomi Mi5 release date, just like what we have heard before.

Despite of being divided into 2 models, they have a lot of things in common. To be specific, both of them will sport 5.2-inch Full HD displays, Snapdragon 820 processors, USB Type-C ports, and Quick Charge 3.0. On the back, each variant will pack an up to 26MP camera with a super bright f/1.6 lens and a dual LED flash. In addition, the leaked slides also reveal that Mi5 will support NFC and awesome new Wi-Fi ad standard.

Those are the major similarities. How about differences? The main ones lie at ROM and RAM capacity: one will be equipped with 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM while the other will be more powerful with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Well, those are what we know officially so far. However, some other features such as selfie shooter and battery are still unknown. Maybe the company wants to surprise us!

Quick reminder of Xiaomi Mi5 price and availability

Remember that Xiaomi Mi5 is going to debut on 24 February 2016, which means there are just a few days left. According to the firm, it is a true flagship but not gonna cost an arm and a leg. Hopefully Xiaomi Mi5 price will be around $350 or so. Then, we’ll think about getting ourselves one.