Not one, but EIGHT iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus have been bought for… a dog!

iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus have just been officially released a week ago and we’ve just received a shocking news about them: The son of China’s richest man has bought not one, but iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus for his … pet dog!

iphone 7 vs 7 Plus

iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus for dog: How insane it is!

Are you… jealous with the dog? It makes sense if you think so! Lately Chinese media has been overwhelmed with information about a dog receiving not one but EIGHT iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus. This dog is no other than Coco – the pet dog of Wang Sicong – the only Son of Wang Jianlin – the current richest person in China! On 16th this month, Sicong posted a photo of his dog lying besides 8 latest iPhone models.

The post then has drawn lots of attention from Chinese media. The photos are even displayed on China’s famous websites like and Thousands of comments have been made. Some says that the dog is cure; others say that they can’t even live as well as … a dog! This is not the first time Coco was “spotted” with luxurious stuff like this. In May 2015, a photo of Coco wearing two Apple watches were posted on the same Weibo account.

iphone 7 vs 7 Plus

So who’s the owner? Is he just a foolish show-off? As mentioned above, Wang Sicong is the son of China’s richest man, but he is not just a young foolish man who lives on his father. In fact, he has used £53 million from his father to invest in 22 different companies and now his own fortune is nearly 9 times higher: £430 million (nearly RM. 2 billion)

iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus: Price

For those who haven’t known, iPhone 7 price in China is around 6,988 yuan (RM. 3700) and iPhone 7 Plus price is around 7,988 yuan (RM. 4300). So overall Sicong has spent RM. 32.000 for his dog! Such a dedicated pet owner he is!