Nokia sues Apple over 32 smartphones patents

Apple Inc. and Nokia Corp. filed a very serious competing lawsuits over patents and intellectual belonging used in most iPhones and some of Apple products as well.


Nokia sues Apple over Patents license

The lawsuits were filed early Tuesday in the USA and Germany, this issue marks the second intellectual war between Apple and Nokia since 2009. Apple also had an agreement with Nokia in 2011 to pay for the royal license for the use of some Nokia properties in iPhones. The suit Apple filed on Tuesday in the District Court for the Northern of California (USA), the Cupertino, the California-based firm said that Nokia did not include some of the patents from the agreement they signed.

They wanted to transfer them to the third party enterprises “to be used for extorting excessive royalties” from Apple. It asked the court to award damages and rule that Nokia breached its contract. According to what was said by Nokia in its report, the legal misunderstanding regards a number of 32 phones on the user interface, software, displays, chipsets and video calling software. Nokia decided to report the suits in the court in 3 German cities (Düsseldorf, Mannheim, and Munich), as well as the court in the US state of Texas.


Nokia officially argued that it was going against Apple for its patents, after jus Apple sued Acacia Research Corp and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc, who deal in license disputes. Apple sued them as its believe that they both colluded with Nokia to acquire funds from Apple. Nokia says that it’s not going to be played as it is preparing to make a famous comeback. It also was the world largest cell phone maker since 1998 until early 2011, then it failed to innovate.

Who gonna be the winner of this patents issue?

We believe that this might be a provocation between the two companies, because Nokia decided to sue Apple just after if accused its partners of taking funds from Apple.  If you think that this property patents war will go far between the 2 enterprises, do tell us your opinion.