Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI: budget Nokia Android VS Windows phones

The Android-based Nokia E1 was long believed to be the first Nokia smartphone after its come back later this year. However, recently, we spotted another possibility – Nokia Lumia XI – powered by Windows OS.


Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI: budget Nokia for grand return

Nokia E1 is one of the most (if not the most) well known Nokia smartphones we know, since we heard about Nokia comeback in 2016. That being said, Nokia E1 is the first Nokia smartphone render we spotted after the Finnish giant confirmed their return. Nokia Lumia XI, on the other hand, is a brand new smartphone idea introduced very recently, featuring a Windows OS. Let’s take a look at Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI to see which one is more possible of launching initially?

In terms of Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI specs, we have the same RAM capacity and screen size for both smartphones: 5.0 inch and 2GB RAM. Being Nokia smartphones, both mobiles come with 20MP Pureview camera on the back, for maximized picture quality with minimum price tag. Mentioning about pricing, both Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI target the budget category, costing around USD 200 – USD 250


Let’s talk a bit about Nokia E1 design VS Nokia Lumia XI design. Nokia E1 has been called “the prettiest Nokia smartphone” ever unveiled. The phone comes with all metal rears and elegant grey cover, giving it a premium look. At the same time, Lumia XI design looks more sporty and colorful. Although it is not finalized yet, the leaked images are suggesting a plastic covering with different colors and catchy shape.

Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI

Nokia E1 VS Nokia Lumia XI – one running Android, the other sporting typical Windows OS, are both Nokia budget smartphones. If you have your vote, which one do you like to be the first smartphone to mark Nokia comeback?