Nokia Asha QWERTY Integrates a Keyboard Into the Lovely Experience

Today, we are going to talk about another interesting kind of phone that used to appear in the Nokia house, yet it will be likely to come back next year and promise to rock the world one more time. It is Nokia Asha QWERTY.


Nokia Asha QWERTY Design

This phone’s design is likely to take inspiration from the Nokia Asha devices launch some years ago, done by Mohammad Zahid Maqbool. Generally, we think this is a gorgeous combination of a smartphone and a QWERTY phone since its body seems slim and not horizontally expansive. Besides, there is a reasonably large touchscreen for you guys to feel like using a real smartphone.

Some people said that the new Nokia Asha QWERTY looked cool with such a new case (transparent edges) which you could see through. Nonetheless, some others thought the model would get even better if Nokia offered more colors for the keypad and the back must be made of metal.

Nokia Asha QWERTY Specs

Spec-wise, Asha QWERTY is a device from the lower-end Nokia product range. Specifically, it sports the famous dual shot clear case, the latest Asha operating system, a 2.8-inch touch display and a 3.2 MP rear camera. Unfortunately, it is said that the cam does not have a flash and a front-facing snapper for those who love taking selfies.

On the other hand, some mentioned that Nokia Asha QWERTY would not support 3G network but there has been no confirmation of the info as well as other Nokia Asha QWERTY specs for now. So, take it with a pinch of salt!

Nokia Asha QWERTY Price and Availability

Last but not least, we want to talk about its price and availability. Belonging to the mid-range phone category, Asha QWERTY is predicted to cost about 80 or 90 dollars (RM350-400), according to the designer. That is totally affordable, which is also a point that people like about Nokia products. Hopefully, we will see in soon in 2016.

Now, what would you say about Nokia Asha QWERTY?