New Xperia X-Sony kills Xperia C&M series

In a recent report, Sony will delete the Xperia C and M series. Furthermore, they are going to develop the New Xperia X series. What will Sony plan in 2016?

new xperia X

Sony Xperia C and M series go-New Xperia X come

In a recent leak, Sony announced that all the future Sony handsets-including flagship smartphones will come from the new Xperia X series. The leaked information also shows that the ‘X’ logo will be used for all promotions and advertisements of Sony. The new Xperia X series will be developed until 2018. This means Sony has officially deleted the Xperia C and M series. In the past, Sony has also killed the Xperia Z series. Now, Sony’s fan expect the new Sony Xperia X in 2016 will have more great specs.

Firstly, let’s see Sony Xperia C series and M again. The Xperia C was launched in 2013, June. In terms of Xperia C specs: the phone comes with 5.0-inch display,540 x 960p resolution and it is powered by a 1 GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM and 8MP camera. Since then, We see other C series as Xperia C 4, C5 with better features. What about Xperia M specs? The phone comes with 4.0-inch display with 480 x 854 resolution. It is powered by a 1 GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM. The Xperia M is a good mid-range smartphone that costs at $250 when it was launched.

new xperia X

In the future, Sony will concentrate on the Xperia X series. In the early time of 2016, Sony has launched the new Xperia X with more great feature than its predecessors. Xperia X screen comes with 5.0-inch FHD display (1080 x 1920 p resolution). In terms of Xperia X specs: The phone is powered by a 3GB RAM, 32GB of ROM and SD 650 chipset. As for Xperia X camera, you have a 23MP on the rear and 13MP on the front for selfies. Xperia X camera has a 2,620mAh battery that gives you two days of use. Besides, you have 2 variants of the Xperia X is Xperia X performance and Xperia XA.

New Xperia X price and release date:

Sony has announced the Xperia X release date is in February 2016 and the Xperia X price is $523. Then, Sony also announced the Xperia X performance release and Xperia XA release date with $748 and $370 price tag . Until now, there aren’t further information about the new Xperia X launch date as well as it’s price. Hopefully, Sony will launch the next Xperia X smartphone in 2016. Let’s wait for that.