New Xiaomi smartphone with LG G Flex looks

Recently, a new Xiaomi smartphone is spotted on a Chinese micro-blogging platform of an employee from Xiaomi. Let’s on and discover what’s special about it.

Xiaomi smartphone

New Xiaomi smartphone: a LG G Flex looks

2016 is a great year for Chinese smartphone makers – Xiaomi. Back in November, the company released Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix which are the most successors of the company so far. Both smartphones are high-end devices. The Mi Mix comes with strong configurations and stunning design while the Mi Note 2 has all-round decent specs. It seems that the Chinese smartphone giant is working on a new handset for the next year 2017. Recently, there is a leaked information showed up on a Chinese micro-blogging platform of an employee from Xiaomi.

According to the report and image leaked of that Xiaomi employee, this new smartphone would running on MIUI operating system on top. Design-wise, this upcoming handset might have curves on both front and back edges. And if it is true, then this means the new smartphone will be the first handset of Xiaomi to have dual curved display. The design somehow recalls us of LG G Flex which also mounts a dual curved display. However, the G Flex was not quite well-received and popular then.

Xiaomi smartphone

Of course, Xiaomi cannot create the same dual curved display like that of LG G Flex. In case of the G Flex, its curved edges were said to make the phone more handy as well as help users feel more comfortable holding in one hand or even two hands at a time. In fact, Xiaomi will make some alterations to differentiate their products with the G Flex of LG. So, what’s new about this made-by-Xiaomi curved edges and what’s good about those dual curved display?

New Xiaomi smartphone: its future

Though the information is not official yet, the news somehow is reliable because it is provided by an employee of Xiaomi. With dual curved display like LG G Flex, will the future of this new Xiaomi smartphone be promising? We hope that it will. Stay tuned and we will keep updating the information for you.