New Nexus 6P with 4 GB of RAM and SD 820!

Recently, Some reports pointed Google will launch the new Nexus 6P with SnapDragon 820 and 4GB RAM, stronger than a current version. Android smartphones have more and more RAM size. Whether the new Nexus 6P will bring success for Google. Let find the answer! 

New Nexus 6p

Will the new Nexus 6P be better than the current version?

Many people are waiting for the upcoming Google’s mobile OS which is called Android N. Besides, as what we know, Google is preparing for the launch of an upgraded variant of Google Nexus 6P. Some people believe that the updated of Google Nexus 6P will replace the current version.  We are not sure whether the new Nexus 6P is better than its current version. But the new Nexus 6P will be welcomed by almost users.

According to some reliable source, the new Nexus 6P specs contain a 1.55 GHz SD 820 and 4GB of RAM, stronger than the old version. The new Nexus 6P screen will remain with 5.7-inch QHD screen. As for Nexus 6P camera, the new version will have at least a 15MP camera on the back and an 8MP camera on the front for selfies. New Nexus 6P will come with a 3450mAh battery and a fingerprint sensor. We believe that with SnapDragon 820 and bigger RAM size, a new Nexus 6P will be better than its the old version.

New Nexus 6P


You can see Huawei are making more great devices in 2016. Their smartphones have more powerful specs than ever. Whether the launch of new Huawei 6P will bring a success for this China smartphone company or not. Let’s see the answer in the next days.

New Nexus 6P price and Release day.

The new Nexus 6P price is expected to cost around $550-600. That is not cheap price but it is a reasonable price for all specs above. About Nexus release day, there are many rumors on the internet, but as we know, Google will launch the new Nexus 6P soon, probably in July. We will provide to you other info of this phone in the next writing.