Tips to deal with mobile hanging issues

Mobile hanging issues are among the most popular smartphone problems. These problems are very annoying, especially when you have to make an urgent call, or sending an important mail or message. Today, we give you five tips to deal with a freezing phone.

mobile hanging

Mobile hanging issues: just turn off/restart your phone

The first tip is turning off/ restart your device. This is the most common and most simple way to do when you have this problem. This method does not only fix your hanging problem but also help your device run smoothly. It is even suggested that smartphones should be switched off some time (about 24 hours to 36 hours).  The second tip is to remove unwanted data. This will help to delete all unnecessary cookies and caches which take a lot of space of your phone memory.

Thirdly, you should kill background apps. When you close an app or game, you may not totally close it. That app/game still runs in the background. And this both consumes the battery capacity and slows down the device. You can kill all the non-functioning apps by using task manager apps like ES Task Manage, Clean master, etc. Furthermore, you should avoid using your smartphone when it is overheated. Heating can cause mobile hanging problems.

mobile hanging

Full inbuilt storage can also be the reason for mobile hanging issues. So, prepare yourself an SD card for external memory. And then use this external memory to store all your apps or files which take big space of your memory like pictures, songs, etc. You can also make the external memory as the default memory for your storage.

Mobile hanging issues: annoying problems

Any phone can have mobile hanging issues, from budget devices to premium ones. There’s nothing worse than your phone hanging in an emergency situation. So, if you don’t want to get yourself into that situation, you should know how to fix your freezing phone. And those tips above can help you. To know more about smartphone tips, just follow our page!