Lenovo Vibe C2 unveiled, allegedly the next Moto

The next Lenovo smartphone is coming soon: Lenovo Vibe C2. However, with all specs it owns, Lenovo Vibe C2 is alleged to be the next Moto. Let’s take a look right now!

Lenovo Vibe C2

Lenovo Vibe C2 : a successor of Lenovo Moto?

In general, Motorola hasn’t generated too much profit for Lenovo. So, many people believe that Lenovo is preparing for the new product line without Moto brand. Lenovo Vibe C2 is the next product from this company that will be launched in June. However, Lenovo Vibe C2 is still reported to be the next Moto device. Opp! Now, let’s see what will Lenovo Vibe C2 look like.

First up, C2 comes with 5.0-inch screen, which is set in 720x 1280 resolution. Under the hood , the phone is powered by MediaTek MT6735P processor. This processor is supported by 1GB RAM and two options of ROM:8GB/16GB. Besides, you will have a combo of 8MP main camera +5MP selfie shooter for photography. Other Lenovo Vibe C2 specs include 2750 mAH cell together with LTE and Bluetooth. That seems less powerful compared to the other Lenovo phones.

Lenovo vibe C2

When comparing to some Moto E’s models such as XT1527, XT 1511, XT1021, the new device from Lenovo gets a lot of same features. Some people think that could be a coincidence, but some recent leaks point out that Vibe C is a successor of Moto E phone.

Lenovo Vibe C2 price and Availability

Lenovo Vibe C2 price, as well as Lenovo Vibe C2 release date, are not official. However, when comparing to its predecessor: Moto E, we expect Vibe C2 will cost around $150. That’s an affordable price! So, the phone could make a hit later this year when it is released. We predict that this Lenovo phone will be launched in November. Let’s wait!