Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3: 2GB budget battle

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3: this is a battle between two budgets smartphones. One is already launched, the other will be in the future. So, let’s see which one will be the champion in this tough battle.

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3 : new budget smartphones

It seems like that budget smartphone is now very popular. That’s why many smartphone OEMs is focusing on this segment. Lately, Coolpad has just released its new affordable phone – Coolpad Sky 3- to the market. This new product of the company sports a 2GB RAM paired with 16GB internal storage. It’s powered by a quad-core processor and runs on Android Marshmallow. An 8MP primary cam is what you can find on this phone. Besides Coolpad, Lenovo is also aiming to this market with Lenovo K10e70. Like the one from Coolpad, Lenovo representative also features those specs above.

So, Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3: which one will defeat the remain? Let’s go to the screen size aspect! Sky 3 has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with the resolution of 1280 x 710 px. This screen is coated with a 2.5D glass. While in K10e70, it’s smaller with 5 inches. About the camera, the Coolpad phone is better with an 8MP front-facing camera. Lenovo phone is not as strong with 2MP. With the final spec, the new device of Coolpad with a 2500mAh cell also wins over K10e70 with a 2300mAh battery.  Well, Coolpad Sky 3 specs are stronger than Lenovo K10e70 specs. It looks like we have the winner.

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3: Coolpad phone defeats the one from Lenovo in almost every aspect. It has a bigger battery, a better selfie shooter, and a larger screen size. So, it is the champion of this fight. However, there is still one aspect which is also very important can affect the smartphone decisions of users. Yes, I want to talk about the prices of those phones.

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3: price

Lenovo K10e70 VS Coolpad Sky 3 : both phones are the best nominates for the budget market. Sky 3 comes with 2 color versions with the Coolpad Sky 3 price of about $180. While with the new one from Lenovo, the price is cheaper. Lenovo K10e70 price comes at $135. So, if you want a smartphone which is friendly to your pocket, you can choose Lenovo’s product. Otherwise, you can have Coolpad handset.