iPhone 7 exploded burning a car in Australia

An Apple’s smartphone has just got problematic while left in a car in Australia and that iPhone 7 exploded like the Galaxy Note 7. The reason is still unidentified, just take a look at the disaster…

iPhone 7 exploded car

Totally a mess after iPhone 7 exploded

Mat Jones – an Australian surfer reported that on October 19, he left his iPhone 7 beneath some clothes on his car seat. After a while, he was back to the car and discovered the car was filled with smoke. The iPhone 7 exploded, which made the chairs and all items around burnt. Mat Jones also confirmed, he just left the phone in his pocket in the car, so it couldn’t be impacted. He told that when looking at the car he saw nothing inside, as if all the windows are black. The fire started from the pants and the car machine melted from there.

According to TV channel 7 News Au, Apple expressed concern about the incident and claimed that they would conduct an investigation to find the exact cause. This is the fifth iPhone 7 case related to fire. Apple really should take a careful look or else iPhone 7 would have the same fate as Galaxy Note 7. Before Galaxy Note 7 was forced to withdraw and stopped production, that Samsung’s smartphone also had a car that caught fire in the United States.

iPhone 7 exploded clothes

Explosion and battery issues have been a disaster for the mobile phone industry this year after the hazard that Samsung faced. The use of disapproved accessories can also cause problems with the battery. Recently, Apple has noticed that up to 90% of chargers and cables carrying their labels on Amazon is counterfeit and their quality is dubious.

Reason why the iPhone 7 exploded

The true reason is still investigated. However, under the hot sun, the temperature inside the car is often higher than normal and this may cause the batteries in that iPhone 7 exploded. Additionally, the Apple phone was put under clothes, which is heat conductive material. Until Apple announces the reason, users should avoid leaving their phones in the car under the sun or even put their phone near the bed while charging. Check our blog for more detail about the case!