iPhone 2016: is it worth waiting for ?

iPhone 2016 is one of the smartphones having so many stories so far. However, this iPhone may not be as impressive as we thought. Because this is not the Apple upgrade year.


iPhone 2016: don’t expect too much

Everyone is expecting to see the next generation of iPhone from Apple, especially the iPhone’s fans. This iPhone 2016 is expected to have many new features like dual camera, water resistance, and non-physical home button. However, you shouldn’t expect too much in this new product. According to Wall Street Journal, this US company will go with the traditional iPhone cycle of 2 years. That means the new iPhone launched on this year won’t have anything special compared to iPhone 6s.

iPhone 2016 is believed to remain the same feature as its predecessor. It will sport a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display. The difference we might gonna see in this new iPhone is the remove of a headphone jack. This elimination will make the device even thinner. InsteadĀ of that, there will be a Lightning-to-3.5mm connector. Lenovo’s new Moto Z has the same connector. One more noticeable feature you will see on this phone is its water-resistant improvement.


With the upgrade cycle, the 2017’s smartphone is gonna be amazing. So, you might ask that why release a new one on this year. Well, this is probably because Apple will have the higher sales on the holiday. Or maybe the company plans to spare something special to 2017. This year is the 10-year anniversary of iPhone, so it just can’t be iPhone 7. Something particularly extraordinary will come out.

iPhone 2016: release date

So, 2017 is the year of iPhone which we’re all waiting for. Despite that, iPhone 2016 is still one of the most expecting smartphones at this time. So, all we need to do is wait until the day it’s launched. iPhone 7 launch is said to be in the early September. Let’s see what this new product brings us!