If Sony profit in 2016 keeps dropping, we will not see Sony phones anymore?

I know many of you out here are big Sony fans, or at least, many of you here are impressed by the latest Sony flagships such as Xperia Z5. Despite the fact that there are attractive and awesome devices, Sony still has some that failed to make good sales because of their high prices… 


According to Sony Mobiles, the past couple of years have been very tough on them, talking about their mobile business. The company’s shares in the global market kept dropping, and so did their number of handsets shipped worldwide.

Sony phones alert – profits endangered

With such business condition, Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s Chief Executive has announced that, the company may start to look for “alternative options” if their profit doesn’t improve in 2016.

Here is what he said in exact quoting:

“We will continue with the business as long as we are on track with the scenario of breaking even next year onwards … Otherwise, we haven’t eliminated the consideration of alternative options.” – Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai

It seems that Sony has been struggling quite considerably before deciding to publish this intention to the internet. Although we can’t deny their efforts in trying to excel in the mobile industry, the bitter fact is that their Xperia brand is fading considerably.

So far, Sony Mobiles division has claimed a 60 billion yen (which is around 480 million dollars) loss this year. This is way too much, much higher than the expected loss of 39 billion yen the company predicted back in April 2015 –> Yes, now you know how serious the situation is!

Sony smartphones decline – Why?

Using a Sony smartphone myself (a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua), and despite my love for it so far, I personally can spotted several reasons why Sony is not doing so great any more compare to other competitors. Firstly, the company focuses on quality. But quality itself is not enough nowadays. You need fancy design, affordable price and innovations. Many people complain recent Xperia smartphones look mostly, if not exactly the same. And Sony Xperia smartphones keep coming with average battery capacity and rather over-average pricing.

In conclusion, we cannot tell much now whether Sony will quit making smartphones or not. But, let’s hope for a bright future of Sony phones!