Huawei G8: budget smartphone with 3GB RAM and 13MP Sony camera

Budget smartphones with very decent specs for a fairly low price are being more and more welcomed to our market. This time, let’s meet Huawei G8, or Huawei G7 Plus with 3GB RAM and Sony camera sensor for…

 Huawei G8

Huawei G8: latest budget smartphone by Huawei

Our first impression about Huawei G8 is that, for a mid-ranger pricing, the smartphone has a very nice design will all alloy body, giving it a pretty premium feeling on your hand. Some Huawei G8 specs we want to highlight are: 5.5 inch display, 2/3GB RAM and 16/32GB internal storage, Snapdragon 615 chip set, 3000 mAH battery and dual SIM. What makes the Huawei G8 smartphone different from others is its camera: 13MP and 5MP Sony sensors with some very special and favorable features as mentioning below.

The 13MP camera on Huawei G8 has dual LED flash with f/2.0 and the 4th generation of image coloring – WRGB, instead of traditional RGB image coloring. This helps create more vivid picture color for your photo shoots. The smartphone also allows users to try on different photo functions and filters, from automatic to more detailed adjustment. Also, if you want to record videos, the smartphone is capable of FHD 1080p recording. The selfie shooter is packed with 5MP and f/2.5 with 5 layers of lens, promising the best photo quality.

Huawei G8

Also, for their G8 smartphone, Huawei offers a fingerprint scanner, which enhances on security. 4G LTE connectivity and microSD card slot (expandable to 64GB) are also 2 of the advantages you get when buying this phone. Looking at the phone from outside in, we can tell that Huawei G8 will be both eye candy and specs winner to many users.

Huawei G8: Chinese beast you will phone in love with

Huawei G8 price is around USD 250 for the 2GB RAM version and USD 300 for the 3GB RAM version. We all know that Huawei is currently the king among Chinese smartphones, so their products are guaranteed with high quality and trendy specs. With Sony camera sensor, this is a beast that many will easily fall in love with!