Future Phone Displays – What to expect

How future phone displays will look like? Have you ever thought about it? We have a few suggestions how the phone display could look like in 5 or 10 years. Let’s read on to find out…


Flexible Phone Screens

The development of technologies for mobile phones has been very fast since the 1990s. The first smartphone displays were monochrome with extremely low resolution, which means: black and white display with pixelated font. The developments were followed quickly by graphic and later also color displays. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets can be operated almost exclusively via a touch display. But what can we expect from future phone displays? What are the advantages of them?

Rumors about smartphones with flexible displays have been swirling around for a while now. Even electronic giants like Samsung, Lenovo, LG or Xiaomi are working on it. That would really revolutionize the whole mobile device world but manufacturers are still struggling to get this technology cheap and reliable enough for the mass market. So far, there are just prototypes. Imagine, you can bend your phone without breaking or even fold up your device like a make-up mirror to make it more compact.


Holographic phone displays

There is a famous scene in Star Wars, where Princess Leia communicates via holographic video messages. In the near future, smartphones and other mobile devices could offer similar features. Perhaps, we will able to take holographic pictures or even watch holographic movies on our phone. That would be a completely new way entertain smartphone users! We are looking forward to a holographic display and hope it will be launched soon!


Solar-powered screens

Smartphones have made huge advances in performance, display size, and resolution over the last few years, which unfortunately have not kept pace with the development of battery technology. Also, there is a trend that devices should become flatter and lighter. Users who use their smartphone all the day are forced to recharge their phone many times a day. There’s an end of it: Engineers and experts are already working on the development of solar cells, which can be integrated into the display panels of smartphones and tablets. So, you can enjoy the sun and recharge your phone at the same time. How cool is that?


Future Phone Displays – What to expect

As you can see, there are a lot of suggestions and we are positive that future phones will be slim and light as possible. But it is difficult to say, when the cool displays will be built in conventional smartphones. Surely, there are already plans and prototypes of phones with those special displays. However, unfortunately they are not fully developed. Let’s wait and see!